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Monk Mantras + Positive Thinking

Monk Mantras + Positive Thinking

Monk Mantras + Positive Thinking: Channel Thelonious Monk’s Creative Energy During Difficult Situations 

by Sierre Monk

When I set an intention during meditation, I use the affirmations we referenced in 5 Monk Moods You Need To Live By. Lately, ‘Continue Thankfully’ has resonated the strongest, because I find deep comfort in gratitude. As we settle into this new decade, I’d like to share what I’ve learned and what I’ve found useful when experiencing difficult emotions. 

It is important to speak up and give voice to your feelings in a manner that serves you. 

Sometimes grief inspires flow-state creativity. Other times it doesn’t. 

Sadness is sobering because it reveals things about yourself and others. 

Compassion is a bonding experience that we all deserve. 

I am so thankful for my ancestors. I like to think that the wisdom of Thelonious Monk has been passed down to me - as I learn, I use this reminder to anchor and redirect my thinking.