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5 Monk Moods You Need To Live By

5 Monk Moods You Need To Live By

Apply these encouraging affirmations to your daily routine

Be Honest

Strive to come from an organic place by being authentic and true to yourself. If it feels right, it usually is. Walk confidently in your truth. Be transparent with yourself. Don’t spend too much time worrying about the opinions of others, but do recognize that consistency, or lack thereof, directly affects your reputation, and it is the only thing you can control. Do not allow yourself to internalize or give meaning to negative thoughts. Instead, constructively critique yourself. Say and do what you mean so you can make your word your bond, especially for yourself. Exercise your right to say no or to disagree with something and have integrity while doing so. Take a firm stand and be decisive. Grey areas often symbolize confusion or lack of motivation, so be assertive. Have you found your moral compass? Identify and make clear distinctions between what you believe is right and what you believe is wrong. When you are sad or angry about things that you can’t control, avoid self pity, because that shit will solve exactly zero of your problems. Remember, karma is real, bruh.


Thelonious Monk Discussing Problem


Stay Curious

Question everything. Find the answers. Do your own research and think freely. Read between the lines and color outside of the box. Your potential is limitless. Spread your wings, feed and nurture your mind, see the world. As you journey, don’t stop learning or dreaming. The best way to combat ignorance is through education because knowledge is, in fact, power. Be present. There are rarely any handouts in life so you’re going to have to go out and get what you want or what you feel you deserve. Achieve. Defy your own expectations and break the mental barriers you’ve constructed for yourself. You must be open enough to receive the message. Generally, the popular opinion is irrelevant, so don’t be persuaded to think otherwise. Step out of the matrix and learn to access your third eye. Gotta stay woke.


Remain Compassionate

Be kind. Have Grace. Never forget how fragile life is so start your day with a grateful heart. Have respect for every living thing, and remember that materialistic objects mean nothing, because the message is bigger than you. What do you possess that isn’t tangible? Maybe it’s time to revise your list of emotional inventory. We all carry different burdens and worries so try to be the helping hand you’d want assistance from. Practice listening to others more, and talk less. It's possible to find similarities in some of the most seemingly opposite people or situations. Always think beyond yourself and be mindful of life’s ripple effect. Be tender. Have mercy. We are never in a position to judge. Choose your words wisely, and at the very least, try to be the change that you want to see in humanity.

Exist Radiantly

Love yourself fully and wholeheartedly. Don’t apologize for your happiness and don’t tone down your joy because someone else is uncomfortable or envious. Shine bright. You are in control of your personal contentment, no one else has that power. Surround yourself with positivity and don’t let anyone kill your vibe. Outgrow. Evolve. Change is good and absolutely necessary if you're trying to avoid stagnation. You are the company you keep so be selective, some won’t make your final cut. Cardinal Rule: Your squad should only be made up of those who truly love and support you. It’s important to assess the energy that others transfer on to you. Your aura is precious.You deserve all of this good. Be greedy with yourself and know your worth. By doing so, put a high value on your time and don’t allow others to waste it. Take care of yourself and be prideful of your achievements. Trust your intuition. Create boundaries and have a bottom line for things that you won’t tolerate. Protect your heart.

Grandfather and Thelonious Monk


Continue Thankfully 

You can’t take anything for granted because each new day is a gift, not a guarantee. Be mindful of how far you’ve come and how you started. Honor those who’ve helped you along in your journey. Pay it forward by mentoring, inspiring, and helping others. Be humble as you count your blessings. Show gratitude. You’ve blossomed into something exquisite, so re-plant the seed that you sprouted from. Give credit to those you owe and pay homage to those you admire. Support. Help. Donate your time and resources to something meaningful and selfless. The best way to say thank you is to cultivate your own legacy.