In our opinion, Jazz and wine make the perfect pairing. We appreciate the creative aspects and improvisation in the wine-making process, as there are similarities to be found in the process of composing + arranging music.

Family is everything to us as we continue to create art that tells a story...

LEGIT Cabernet Sauvignon is a deliciously unique collaboration between two families, the Monk Estate and the Toilani Estate, conceptualized by our friends at Banville Wine Merchants. 

You might instantly recognize the iconic ‘Monk In Italy’ imagery on your bottle of LEGIT - featuring a black and white portrait of Thelonious Monk, where the piano keys are reflected in the lenses of his sunglasses. 

In our bottles of LEGIT you’ll find notes of dark stone fruits, like plum + currant, and the subtle essences of smoky textures, like leather + earth. 

Congratulations to LEGIT for continuing to place well on top spirit lists and earn awards within the wine connoisseur community. 

Authenticity is everything and undoubtedly, Thelonious Monk is LEGIT.